Nymph's commands

Please note if you have a space in your name, put "s around the name when using osu! commands.

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Alternative updated command spreadsheet


Commands Description Example
n!help Displays all the commands the bot has n!help
n!system See the RAM and CPU usage n!system
n!id Get users ID (@mention) or leave empty to get your own n!id
n!ping Checks the delay in ms n!ping
n!userinfo Get a users info n!userinfo
n!serverinfo Get a discord servers information n!serverinfo
n!invite Get Nymph bots invite link n!invite
n!support Get Nymph bots support server invite link n!support


Use this lazy generated osu! command sheet.

Commands Description Example
n!osu Get a players standard stats n!osu
n!osu [username]
n!taiko Get a players taiko stats n!taiko
n!taiko [username]
n!ctb Get a players ctb stats n!ctb
n!ctb [username]
n!mania Get a players mania stats n!mania
n!mania [username]
n!link Set your osu username, so you don't have to type your username everytime you want to look at your stats (e.g instead of doing n!recent Stubbs I would only have to do n!recent n!link [username]
n!resetlink If you managed to mess up linking your username or changed your osu name, this command resets it n!resetlink
n!recent Get osu! players most recent play n!recent
n!recent [username]
n!recentm Get osu!mania's players most recent play n!recentm
n!recentm [username]
n!recentc Get osu!ctb's players most recent play n!recentc
n!recentc [username]
n!recentb Get osu! players most recent top play n!recentb
n!recentb [username]
n=[number of play]
n!top Get a players top 5 plays or -r to get the 5 most recent top plays n!top
n!top [username]
n!top -r
n!ctbtop Get a players top 5 catch the beat plays n!ctbtop
n!ctbtop [username]
n!maniatop Get a players top 5 mania plays n!maniatop
n!maniatop [username]
n!track Adds a player to tracking (e.g n!track Stubbs), this means every time this player gets a new top ranked play it gets sent into the tracking channel. It can only be done in channels called #osu-tracking or #tracking. Adding top=100 will make it track top 100 plays not just top 50. Other options can be added such as mode e.g n!track u=Stubbs m=ctb. n!track
n!trackdel Removes a player from tracking (e.g n!trackdel Stubbs), only users with the "manage messages" permission can remove people from tracking. Must be done in the channel the user was originally set to track in. E.g n!trackdel u=Stubbs m=ctb n!trackdel
n!trackdel u=[username]
n!compare Gets your best play from the latest map mentioned by the bot or linked by another user (e.g https://osu.ppy.sh/b/2548153). For example maps from: n!recent, n!recommend or tracking. n!compare
n!compare [username]
n!leaderboard Get the top 15 players being tracked in the CHANNEL ordered by pp. n!leaderboard
n!r Get a recommended a map based on pp. Leave it empty to get a map based on your profile or by amount (e.g n!r pp=150) and it will get you a map around 150pp if you get 99% FC n!r
n!r help
l=[minimum length (s)]
max_bpm=[max bpm]
min_bpm=[min bpm]
n!r pp=[pp] m=[mods]
n!profile_graph Generates a image of graphs using data collected on your profile (if you are tracked) and provides a link to a webpage with interactive graphs. Adding a gamemode after the command will change the mode used to generate the graphs. n!profile_graph
n!pg ctb
n!pg taiko
n!pg mania
n!new_play Calculates what your weighted pp (overall profile pp including bonus pp) would be if you made a play with a certain amount of pp. n!new_play [amount]


Commands Description Example
n!prune Deletes the given amount of messages n!prune [amount]
n!kick Kicks the mentioned user n!kick [user]
n!banid Bans the mentioned user by ID. n!ban [ID]
n!ban Bans the mentioned user n!ban [user]
n!banlist View the servers ban list n!banlist
n!mute Mutes the mentioned user n!mute [user]
n!unmute Mutes the mentioned user n!unmute [user]
n!names Show previous names/nicknames of a user n!names [user]
n!pin Pin message by ID n!pin [ID]
n!pin Pin message by ID n!pin [ID]


Commands Description Example
n!banksetup Setup your bank so you can play n!banksetup
n!payday Get free coins as often as every 5 minutes n!payday
n!balance View balance n!balance
n!coinflip Bet on a coinflip n!coinflip [amount]
n!slots Play the slot machine n!slots [amount]
n!globalmoney View top 5 richest players across all servers n!globalmoney


Commands Description Example
n!roll Roll a random number n!roll
n!8 Ask 8ball a question n!8
n!neko Gets an image from neko.life (from SFW list) n!neko

NSFW Image

Commands Description Example
n!nsfw Get a completely random NSFW video/picture n!nsfw
n!hentai Get a random NSFW hentai video/picture from Nymph Bot API (Currently Disabled) n!hentai
n!gelbooru Search for NSFW hentai image from gelbooru n!gelbooru
n!danbooru Search for NSFW hentai image from danbooru n!danbooru
n!ass Get a random ass n!ass
n!boobs Get a random pair of boobs n!boobs
n!neko Gets an image from neko.life (from NSFW list) n!neko [type]

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